What's the Difference?: Cold Brew vs Hot Coffee

What's the Difference: Cold Brew vs Hot Coffee

Cold brew is getting more and more popular, and we are loving making it. There are some significant differences between cold brew coffee and hot coffee, and we can help you choose between the two.

What is hot coffee?

Hot coffee is prepared from roasted beans that have been ground up. Most people make coffee at home or at work with pour over or drip coffee, which is hot water poured on the coffee grounds, usually using a coffee pot or Keurig. French press coffee has gotten more popular, which involves pouring hot water over coarse coffee grounds and letting it sit for a few minutes. 

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee needs much longer to brew than drip or French press coffee. It brews at room temperature or in the fridge for 18-24 hours with coarse coffee grounds. Then you slowly pour it through a filter and let it strain itself. It’s a long brewing process, but it’s worth it because it’s sweeter and less acidic than regular hot coffee.

Cold brew vs. hot coffee pros and cons 

Both types of coffee have their pros and cons! There can be a caffeine difference in cold brew and brewed coffee, and hot coffee actually has more caffeine – if the ratio of beans to water to beans is equal. Caffeine dissolves more in hotter water, so hot coffee can contain more caffeine. But cold brew is usually made with more coffee grounds than hot coffee is, so cold brew usually has more caffeine. 

But cold brew does take a lot longer to make than hot coffee. If you just want to make a quick cup of coffee while you’re heading out the door to work, hot coffee is probably your best bet. If you like to plan ahead or meal prep, you can make a large batch of cold brew, and it will stay fresh in your fridge for 7-10 days.

Because of the longer brewing process and cooler water temperature, cold brew is less bitter and less acidic than hot coffee. So if you like your coffee a little sweeter, you’ll probably be a fan of cold brew. And if you want to get even fancier, you can get nitro cold brew, which is infused with nitrogen gas and gives it foam with a velvety texture.

Our delicious cold brew

Want to try cold brew coffee without all the work? We got you. We brew our own cold brew that’s extra strong, and it will stay fresh in your fridge for 30 days. You won’t want to go back to making hot drip coffee after a cup of our strong and smooth cold brew.

W. Bear