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Best Cold Brew & Huge Money Saver

I am so happy a friend of mine introduced me to Wandering Bear Cold Brew. This tastes better than any coffee I was buying elsewhere, and it's saved me so much money not buying coffee on the run. The customer service at this company is also fantastic. Very quick with responses and always helpful! I can't stress enough the top quality taste this coffee has. I even signed up for auto-ship! Do yourself a favor and order some Cold Brew from here, you won't regret it!

If you drink cold brew every day, give this one a try

I'm always a bit wary of products I find through Instagram ads, and this was one of those products. We mix our cold brew in a light and dirty Chai, but I tried a cup of this one black when we first got it to get a better idea of its flavor profile. We've experimented with a lot of different cold brews for our daily morning coffee, and Wandering Bear gives us a perfect balance of quality and value. Compared to Lucky Jack or Stumptown, it's not quite as rich or smooth, but it comes in at just under half the price and leaves a lot less packaging to deal with. It's a little bit more spendy than Kirkland Signature cold brew, but it's also less acidic and more drinkable on its own or mixed.

If you're a diehard black coffee drinker, this might not have the complex and mature palette you're used to; but if you're looking for a ready-made coffee you can drink every day without melting your guts or draining your bank account, definitely consider this one.

When you get close to the bottom of the bag, you'll want to pull it out of the box to get the last cup or so of coffee out. Sometimes I'll even cut a corner off the bag so I can get every last drop out. We're on our fifth box and haven't had any issues leaks or other damage to the packaging, or any delays or issues with shipping our monthly subscription. Wandering bear seems to have made a good quality, convenient product we can rely on here.


The coffee was too bitter for me. I like bold coffee, but this was bitter and I couldn’t drink one glass. I ended up throwing the entire box away.


Amazing tasting coffee and you know it’s got a good, health-focused source. I always use plain creamer and usually don’t have my coffee black, but this coffee is DELICIOUS even with nothing in it. Absolutely loved it and we will be ordering again!

so tasty!!! wish there was more!

I absolutely loved the flavor of the vanilla cold brew — i just wish the box was bigger! I work permanent nights as a nurse and need a big cup of coffee so the box didn’t last 2 weeks for me. I’ll just have to buy more next time! :) VERY much worth it for the energy I got and the delicious taste that came with it. It was better than my normal stop for coffee on the way to work!

UnBearAbly Good

Wonderful rich flavor & nothing beats getting top notch quality on tap, just like cheap wine.


So good so strong with a hint of vanilla!

It's really good!

Portable and Potable Wandering Bear!

Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew On Tap (96oz) - Straight Black


The perfect start to my day involves strong but tasty coffee and Wandering Bear gave me the perfect start to my day everyday


This cold brew is incredible! It’s smooth and full of flavor. I like to add a splash of half and half and a splash of maple syrup. Delicious!

Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew Coffee on Tap (96oz) - Vanilla

Good Stuff!

Good, strong coffee, ready to go! Boxed coffee in the AM, boxed wine in the PM, just makes sense.

Great Morning Addition

This coffee is so smooth and delicious! It's a perfect addition to my morning routine :)

Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew Coffee on Tap (96oz) - Vanilla

Smooth, strong, and convenient

I usually don’t buy cold press in bulk, but I realized this is the exception. I love having it every morning. It hit you quickly and sustains you through the day. Highly recommend.

Nice and strong

I like an occasional cold brew. I was plesantly surprised by the bolder taste! It was exactly coffee with a hint of vanilla that was nice. It's not sweet at all.

Silky smooth - my new favorite!

Living in the northeast, I’m not usually a fan of cold brew during cold season. That’s changed with Wandering Bear. I got a gallon as a gift in December and fell instantly in love. It’s so smooth and it’s the level of strength I’ve come to need in order to get my afternoon pick me up. Naturally I bought more when I ran out and I’m honestly considering a subscription. Keep making great brew!

First time buyer

I am absolutely in love with the boxed iced coffee! If you love strong coffee this is for you! It’s so smooth has great taste. If you’re on the fence to try it, just go for it.

Amazing Cold Brew

I am a daily coffee drinker and often need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, this coffee is perfect for the job. The high caffeine content and smooth, delicious taste always satisfy my taste buds as well as refill my energy.

Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew On Tap (96oz) - Straight Black

Something’s off

I wanted to love this coffee. I let my box chill over 24 hours and it tastes extremely sour and almost burnt. Like bad iced coffee, instead of smooth cold brew.

Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew On Tap (96oz) - Straight Black

Wandering Bear Cold Brew is the best I ever had. It is smooth and delicious. The high quality is consistent. I am very happy that I can get it delivered right to my door so I never have to go without it.