Why Get Cold Brew for The Office

Why Get Cold Brew for The Office

Cold-brew coffee continues to gain popularity and it’s easy for the average bear to see why! Learn about why it’s a good idea to offer cold brew in your office and how at Wandering Bear we make it easier than ever to offer cold brew - whether you’re a team of 2 or 200! 


Why is cold brew better than iced coffee? 


    1. Cold brew has lower acidity than coffee that is brewed using traditional methods (hot water)

      Lower acidity means some people don’t get heartburn when they drink it and it can be easier on the stomach.

    2. Cold brew can be lower in calories  

      While unsweetened coffee is only around 5 calories a cup, some people find the smoother taste of cold brew more palatable and use less sweetener or milk products so it can be lower in calories than iced coffee.

    3. Higher caffeine content 

      Since cold brew has more caffeine it can help people focus better - without having to drink too much. 

    4. Longer shelf life 

      At Wandering Bear, we package our cold brew in boxes for maximum freshness its good for 30 days in the refrigerator once our box is opened and can be stored at room temperature prior to opening. 

    5. Used as the base for a wide range of drinks

      Cold brew is delicious on its own but can be used to make a variety of beverages. Just add your favorite type of milk, flavored syrup, or cold foam. You can even make smoothies or ice cream with it. 

Why get cold brew for the office? 

When surveyed by the National Coffee Association about their coffee drinking habits, In January 2021, 36% of Americans aged 18+ reported that they had drunk a specialty coffee (the category of coffee beverages that includes cold brew) on the day prior to the survey.

Because of the popularity of cold brew, having it in the office is a great way to show your team how much you appreciate them. It can also be great for productivity too! If people don’t have to leave the office to get what they want on their coffee breaks, it leads to more time in the office and increased time for collaboration as a team - a win for everyone! 

Another great reason to order cold brew for the office is pricing. At a coffee shop, a cold brew can set you back over $5 with tax and a tip. Our cold brew for the office can cost as little as $1.67 per glass! That’s a big saving for everyone. Your employees can save their money and you won’t have to spend as much to offer them this awesome employee benefit. 

How to get cold brew delivered to your office (or home) easily and regularly

Wandering Bear can help you set up an office coffee program that everyone will love -- including cold brew! We can serve your team, large or small, and even if you have folks who work from home. Contact us today to tell us about your team and we will set you up with the perfect coffee subscription service to keep everyone properly caffeinated. 

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