Best Office Coffee Hacks

Best Office Coffee Hacks

Having a great office coffee program isn’t something that happens by accident. It takes a little work and planning but we have faith in you. To help you make yours great, we’ve put together this short and sweet list of office coffee hacks that even a bear can understand. 

Four hacks to keep your office coffee program running smoothly


Pick great coffee 

We’re obviously partial to our coffees, but picking the best of the best will help ensure you have the best office coffee program around. We know, it’s not a competition with the office downstairs, but if it was you’d win. Whether your team is addicted to cold brew or prefers a more traditional cup of hot, black coffee we have something for every coffee drinker in the crew. 

Buy in bulk 

One teeny tiny bag of beans won’t cut it to power your busy office. Whatever beverages or supplies you like to keep on your coffee bar, purchase them in bulk. Not only will you (almost) never run out, you won’t have to spend time each week doing inventory and re-ordering, leaving you time for the more important things, like work.

Order seasonally

Team burning through cold brew in the hot months? When it’s cold enough that bears are hibernating, does your team need all the hot coffee? Align your ordering to the seasons (and your team’s preferences) so you aren’t running out of the most used products or stuck with a surplus of something that no one is drinking. 


Set it and forget it (your subscription that is)

Like buying in bulk, the other biggest hack to keeping the office coffee well stocked is leveraging our subscription service. This will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. Pro tip: If you’re ordering other supplies like cups, sweeteners, creamers, or even snacks (lucky bears!) put those on a subscription too. You want a plan that is flexible, in case you want to change something or add something new to the rotation but that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. 

For help getting started, contact us today to set up your subscription and choose the best mix of coffees for your office. We can spend hours discussing the benefits of just the right size cold brew kegs or which flavors from our cold brew boxes and everything in between. 

Ana Madriz