Organic vs Conventional Coffee and Cold Brew

Organic vs Conventional Coffee and Cold Brew

Organic, fair trade, conventional, cold brew, nitro cold brew- there are so many different types of coffee to choose from these days. But what do all these labels mean? And why do they matter? Let’s get into it.

Organic coffee

Organic coffee beans are grown without chemical-based pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or genetically modified organisms. Many organic coffee bean growers also use sustainable practices like using renewable resources and conserving water and soil. 

Fair trade coffee

Fair trade coffee can also be organic, but this label focuses on the coffee bean farm and the community behind it. Its focus is to create greater equity in the global market. Fair trade empowers local independent farmers by setting fair prices for the harvest, working with the local community, and protecting the environment. 

Conventional coffee

Conventional, or non-organic, coffee is simply coffee that isn’t certified organic or fair trade. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all conventional coffee bean farms use chemical-based pesticides, but conventional coffee farms don’t follow all of the organic or fair trade practices to get the certification.

Now, conventional coffee doesn’t taste much different and isn’t necessarily worse for you than organic coffee. During the bean roasting process, chemicals are burned off, so you’re not going to drink a cup of straight chemicals. But we still recommend (and brew) organic coffee. Organic coffee isn’t significantly healthier for humans, but it’s definitely better for the farmers and the earth.

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee can be either organic or conventional (but we recommend organic). Cold brew coffee is a type of coffee that brews at room temperature or in the fridge for 18-24 hours with coarse coffee grounds. So it isn’t just a pot of drip coffee that you add ice to. This longer brewing process makes a cup of cold coffee that’s less acidic and deliciously sweeter than typical drip coffee.

And if you want to step it up another notch, there’s nitro cold brew. Nitro is cold brew coffee that’s been infused with nitrogen gas using a pressurized valve, giving it some foam and a smooth velvety texture. 

Wandering Bear organic coffee

Our coffee is always 100% organic (and with recyclable packaging for extra sustainability). We have coffee beans and grounds so you can make a cup of cold brew or drip coffee. We have coffee pods that work with all types of brewers. And if you want cold brew coffee without the long brewing process, we have cartons of cold brew coffee ready made for you. No matter which type of coffee you want, it’s all organic and it’s all deliciously smooth.

W. Bear