Why You Should Be Taking Coffee Breaks At Work

Why You Should Be Taking Coffee Breaks At Work

Do the words coffee break bring a smile to your face? At Wandering Bear, coffee breaks are our favorite time of the day. That might be because we make good strong coffee and getting to drink it brings us joy. But even if you don’t make coffee for a living, having great coffee to drink during the workday is important. 

Whether you like your coffee break in the morning or in the afternoon (or both, we don’t judge) there are benefits to taking a coffee break. 

Three reasons why you should be taking coffee breaks at work


1. Increase productivity 

There are a number of reasons why coffee breaks can help employees be more productive. Not the least of which is that caffeine can help improve focus. Our coffees have plenty of caffeine to help fuel productive work. In addition, many productivity methods, including the Pomodoro Technique recommend periods of increased focus with strategic breaks peppered in. While Pomodoro is on the extreme end with 20-minute work sessions, even the Apple watch reminds wearers to get up and move around at least once per hour. If you happen to move to the office coffee station for a cup of coffee at that time… were just saying it’s pretty efficient! 

2. Connect with colleagues 

Having unscheduled and spontaneous chats around the coffee maker can help colleagues connect. These seemingly random conversations are important to helping people feel more connected to each other and the work. When offices were closed due to COVID restrictions these are the kinds of conversations people reported missing. It wasn’t the commute or the hours of meetings - it was these spontaneous conversations that people were longing for. Chances to connect with people you don’t necessarily work with.

3. Reduce stress 

While too much caffeine can increase anxiety if you aren’t careful, a well-timed coffee break can be just the escape you need to reduce stress. To avoid the jitters,or too much caffeine later in the day consider a switch to decaf.  If you are having an intense day, it’s smart to step away and take a walk or connect with a teammate. Having someone who can make you laugh or allow you a moment to vent and regroup can help you cope with stress. The coffee in your cup can help you refocus - so consider a coffee break the most efficient way to get your day back on track. 

While the benefits of having a coffee break are clear, it is important to offer the best coffee for your team. Having a well stocked coffee bar will help you show your employees how much you appreciate them. At Wandering Bear, we can help with that too! Contact us today and tell us about your team. We will help you set up a subscription service so you always have plenty of the coffee they love to drink. From hot coffee to easy to serve cold brew, we’re here to lend a paw.

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