Storing Your Favorite Cold Brew

Storing Your Favorite Cold Brew

Love cold brew coffee? We do, too. It can be a bear to make at home with its long brewing process, so we recommend making it in batches to really make it worth it. If you’re starting to make your own cold brew at home, we have cold brew storage tips to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.


What is cold brew coffee?

Before we get started with storage tips, we have some tips on making the perfect cup of cold brew to make the long process really worth it. Make sure you’re using freshly roasted coffee beans, and the coffee needs to brew at room temperature or in the fridge for 18-24 hours with coarse coffee grounds to reach peak richness. If it brews less than 18 hours, it can be watery and weak. 

When you’re done brewing, it needs some time to strain (cold brew really is a long, slow process). Slowly pour it through the cheesecloth or sieve, and don’t force it down. Just let it take its time and watch gravity do its work. 


How to store cold brew coffee

Now that you have a delicious batch of cold brew, it’s time to store it. If you’ve made it extra strong so you can dilute it when you drink it, don’t dilute the concentrate before you store it. Just add the milk or water to each cup as you drink it. 

The best way to keep your cold brew coffee fresh is to make sure that you use an airtight container. Cold brew won’t keep forever, but an airtight container will keep it fresh longer. 


Types of cold brew storage containers 

You can use whatever you have at home before investing in a container specifically made for cold brew storage. Glass containers are going to be best. Glass containers won’t retain flavors and can be sealed tightly. Plastic can be porous, and the coffee (or other food) can stain it over time. Metal containers can change the flavor of the coffee, and the acid of the coffee can affect the integrity of the metal.

So if you have a glass mason jar lying around, give that a try for storing your cold brew (make sure it closes tightly). If you’re ready to step it up a notch, there are glass containers made specifically for cold brew that keep it fresh and make it easier to pour.


How long cold brew lasts 

No matter how airtight your storage container is, cold brew won’t stay fresh forever. It will last for 7-10 days before the taste and caffeine start to change. So we recommend just making batches a week at a time so you can be drinking the freshest coffee.


Coffee beans for cold brew

We have beans and coarse grounds to help you make the freshest, smoothest batch of cold brew. If you want a cup of dark, full-bodied, and chocolaty cold brew every morning, our organic coffee beans are made for you.

W. Bear