Why Serve Employees Great Coffee?


When you picture your office break room, what do you see? Is it a pot of day-old half drank coffee and some crusty sugar in a bowl next to some dirty mugs from yesterday (or at least you hope it was yesterday)? Or, do you see clean shiny equipment, delicious coffee beverages, and a variety of sweeteners and milk products paired with the perfect snacks? If you’re seeing the former, but wanting to see the latter and don’t know how stick with us! 

Why serve employees great coffee? 

As specialty coffee drinks have gained in popularity, so to have the places you can purchase them. With a specialty coffee shop on literally every corner your employees have more choices about the beverages they drink than ever before. 

One reason to make your office coffee program great is to simply show your appreciation for your team’s hard work. They will no longer have to spend time and money getting their favorite beverages before work or in the afternoon. By having better coffee in the breakroom, you are showing your employees that they are worth investing in and taking good care of. In turn this means they will take care of your business and customers. 

If you don’t have good coffee (or any coffee) in your office, your team will go out and find some. Going out to find the perfect coffee drink can take time - and that’s time away from work. By bringing great coffee to your team you are actually increasing their productivity. Fewer trips to the coffee shop means more time in the office for collaboration. This is why large technology companies like Google have fancy coffee bars, catered meals and even employee services like daycare and dry cleaning onsite. 

What is the best coffee for my office? 

We’re probably biased, but at Wandering Bear we think our coffees are the best for any office. We make cold brew in convenient and easy to store boxes. This allows you to offer a delicious and popular coffee choice much more easily than if you needed to bring in a keg. You can purchase our cold brew for your group, no matter how large or small your team. 

Consider offering a mix of hot coffee and cold brew for your team so everyone can drink what they like best. Don’t forget to add some delicious (dairy and non dairy) milk products to your coffee station and a variety of sweeteners. If you want to be extra fancy, spring for some flavored syrups like vanilla, cinnamon, or the ever popular Pumpkin Spice. If you don’t want the added sugar of these flavored syrups, but want to add some variety, our cold brew is also available in Hazelnut and Vanilla flavors. 

How do I get started with office coffee? 

Easy! Contact us and tell us about your needs so we can set you up with our subscription service for your office. And to show our appreciation for you, the smart bear behind this entire operation we will offer you an additional 10% off your purchase for setting up repeat deliveries. It’s a win for everyone. 

W. Bear