Do you offer subscription discounts?

Of course we do. What kind of self-respecting online brand would we be if we didn’t? Plus-- and this is completely objective--our products are specifically designed to be enjoyed every day, so, if that’s what you’re doing, you should be rewarded for it. By us. Hence, the discount.

Subscriptions are 10% off the single purchase price and there are sometimes additional discounts if you purchase multiple quantities. You should be able to easily scan the price/glass breakdown in each product page.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

100% yes, anytime, no commitments. You can pause it, change your charge dates, and swap products easily and anytime. Obviously, we’d love it if you didn’t cancel. But, we understand that there are reasons why you might need to and we won’t stop you. If we’re breaking up and there’s nothing we can do to make up for that time we drank too much (cold brew) and talked your ear off about our next startup idea, please cancel through your online account before your next charge date so that your order next order doesn’t unwillingly get started.

Will I be able to easily manage my account? For example, can I change my shipping address or payment info?

Absolutely! You will have your very own account (because everyone needs one more password to remember, right?) and can change your address, credit card, your name, whatever you are feeling needs to be changed.